10 Best Free and Fast DNS Servers in 2022 (PC & Consoles)


Best Free & Fast DNS in 2022 – Whether for security, anonymity or performance reasons, there are plenty of arguments to change DNS and turn to a third-party service. It is still necessary to know which platform is at the same time trusted, reliable, fast and free. A question that we answer in this file. Let’s check out the ranking of the best free and fast DNS servers for any use.

Which DNS to choose in 2022?

DNS (Domain Name System) is a system that translates the domain names you enter in a browser into the IP addresses needed to access these sites, and the best DNS servers provide you with the best possible service.

Your ISP will assign you DNS servers every time you connect to the Internet, but these are not always the best DNS server choice. Slow DNS servers can cause a lag before websites start to load, and if your server sometimes goes down, you may not be able to access the sites at all.

Switching to a free public DNS server can make a real difference, with more responsive navigation and long 100% uptime records, which means there is much less chance of technical issues. Some services can also block access to phishing or infected sites, and some offer content filtering to keep your kids away from the worst of the web.

What is a DNS server and why?
What is a DNS server and why?

On the other hand, between the different alternative DNS servers and those of the operators, we can say that there are certain differences that can help us to make our connection more stable and faster, but also, they can offer us some interesting functions:

  1. Stability : Alternative DNS servers offer greater reliability, stability and better real availability.
  2. Vitesse : generally offer lower loading speeds than the operators’ DNS.
  3. Security : some of these alternative DNS provide protection against phishing.
  4. Added functions:
    1. Avoid restrictions : They allow access to domains blocked by geolocation.
    2. Parental control : Some also offer the possibility of creating certain filters to protect access to pages with unwanted content.

You can change DNS by modifying the parameters of your Internet box, your router, your computer, your console or your mobile device 

You must choose your DNS servers carefully – not all providers will necessarily be better than your ISP – but to help point you in the right direction, this article will highlight ten of the best DNS servers around for your needs.

Top Best Free and Fast DNS Servers (PC & Consoles)

There are faster and slower DNS providers. Usually, the DNS provided by your ISP is slow. DNS speed is not a priority for them, and it shows. For DNS providers, on the other hand, it’s all about speed. With their multiple points of presence (PoP) around the world, they are able to provide high-speed consultations for both your home and remote offices.

You should know that, like any other business, DNS providers can go out of business. For example, Norton ConnectSafe was a well-regarded free public DNS server, but it closed in November 2018, so keep an eye on your service once you’ve chosen one.

How to choose one? Well, it’s just not about which provider is faster. You see, speed is a relative term when it comes to DNS solvers. Speed ​​is largely a function of “proximity” in terms of network speed to a given DNS resolver.

You must change the target website each time you run the test for a DNS server. This is because your system may cache the results of the DNS query. This means that the next time you check, even if you ask it to use another DNS, the results will be faster because they are already pending on your system.

That said, we invite you to discover the list of best free and fast DNS servers in 2022, ranked by use cases.

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1. The best free and public DNS: Google Public DNS

Google Public DNS promises three key benefits: faster browsing experience, increased security and accurate results without redirects.

Google can achieve fast speeds with its public DNS servers because they are hosted in data centers all over the world, which means that when you attempt to access a web page using the above IP addresses, you are directed to a server that is closest to you. In addition to traditional DNS over UDP / TCP, Google offers DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and TLS (DoT).

  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:

It also offers an IPv6 version:

  • Primary DNS: 2001: 4860: 4860 :: 8888
  • Secondary DNS: 2001: 4860: 4860 :: 8844

2. Fastest DNS Servers:

Proposing a DNS service that is both fast and fairly respectful of users’ privacy, Cloudflare quickly established itself as a powerful player on the Internet by becoming the second most used DNS service in the world, just after… Google!

Two years after presenting its DNS service (the company seems attached to April 1), Cloudflare has just unveiled an extension called for families. If the DNS service remains the same, families will have the choice of activating a filter to block certain sites, whose content is not suitable for all audiences.

Cloudflare now offers three versions of its DNS service. A first with the DNS addresses and without filter, a second with the addresses and to filter malicious sites, and a third option with the servers and to filter malicious sites and adult content.

  • Primary DNS :
  • Secondary DNS :

Note that an IPv6 version is also planned to filter malicious sites with 2606: 4700: 4700 :: 1112 and 2606: 4700: 4700 :: 1002 servers.

3. Secure DNS resolver: OpenDNS

OpenDNS is also one of the best DNS servers for 2022 on our list. Not only is it fast, but it offers some of the best security of all your connected devices and parental controls to enforce the rules on your network.

OpenDNS was established in 2005 and acquired by Cisco in 2015. It’s another household name when it comes to the best DNS servers for 2021.

The free DNS service offers various security features to prevent phishing attacks and content filtering, making it a great option for both home and personal use. OpenDNS supports IPv4 and IPV6 addresses and supports DoH but not DoT. It also supports the DNSCrypt protocol and, in fact, OpenDNS was the first service to adopt it.

OpenDNS processes over 140 billion DNS requests per day and has over 90 million users worldwide. The free DNS service began as an ad-supported offering, which was discontinued over the following years.

It has over 30 fast DNS servers located on different continents to provide transparent and faster DNS resolution in various parts of the world.

OpenDNS DNS server addresses
IPv4 (Primary) (Secondary)
IPv6 2620:119:35::35, 2620:119:53::53

4. Secure IPv6 DNS Servers: Quad9

Quad9 has servers Free public IPv6 DNS that protect your computer and other devices from cyber threats by immediately and automatically blocking access to dangerous websites, without storing your personal data.

Quad9 does not filter content: only phishing or malware domains are blocked. There is also an insecure (i.e. non-malware blocking) public IPv4 DNS at (2620: fe :: 10 for IPv6).

  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:

There are also Quad 6 IPv9 DNS servers:

  • Primary DNS: 2620: fe :: fe
  • Secondary DNS: 2620: fe :: 9

5. DNS with parental control: Clean Browsing

The CleanBrowsing public DNS resolver attaches to provide filters that allow parental controls and block adult content. In other words, its purpose is to keep children safe while browsing the web. CleanBrowsing is a relatively small service compared to Quad9 or Cloudflare, which explains its focused approach.

In terms of features, the free version of DNS service supports all popular security features including DNSCrypt, DoH, DoT, and DNSCrypt. DNS resolver offers separate IP addresses for families, adults, and security filters free of charge.

CleanBrowsing provides a dedicated application for Windows and macOS computers that enables DNS filters with one click. However, it is surprising that CleanBrowsing does not have an Android app, which is no longer needed.

CleanBrowsing Family DNS server addresses
IPv4 (Primary) (Secondary)
IPv6 2a0d:2a00:1::, 2a0d:2a00:2::
CleanBrowsing Adult DNS server addresses
IPv6 2a0d:2a00:1::1, 2a0d:2a00:2::1
CleanBrowsing Security DNS server addresses
IPv6 2a0d:2a00:1::2, 2a0d:2a00:2::2

DNS servers for games and gaming

If you are specifically looking for DNS servers for games, We are here to help you. For gamers, we’ve rounded up dedicated servers that you can use to play video games without experiencing lag or frame loss. These game servers can improve your overall gaming experience by providing a stable connection.

Although there are many DNS servers for PS4 or PS5 for example, only a few have proven successful. These are some of the fastest and free DNS servers. You can use it to stop censorship and improve game speed.

DNS Servers Primary DNS Secondary DNS
CloudFlare 9
Comfortable SecureDNS
Level 3
Uncensored DNS
Best servers for games and gaming

6. The best DNS Servers for PS4 & PS5: Google DNS

First on our list of the best DNS for PS4 and PS5 consoles is Google’s DNS server. It is the first and largest DNS server available online.

Trusted by billions of people around the world, “Google DNS Server” has become the most popular option, as “Best DNS for Games”.

The main feature of Google DNS Server is that it improves the browsing experience through enhanced security and gaming experience with smooth, lag-free games.

So if someone wants to use it, they just need to configure their network’s DNS settings by just following these IP addresses:

  • Primary DNS Server:
  • Alternative DNS server:

Most people think that getting a high-end game console like PS4 or PS5 is enough to get the best gaming experience. In most cases, that’s true. However, unless you want to limit your gaming experience to offline matches, you could be a bit wrong. Indeed, the first thing you need for an optimal gaming experience is a strong and reliable internet connection. For most people, an Internet connection with exceptional bandwidth fits the profile. However, the fact is that you have to go beyond this point.

Even when you have an internet connection with good bandwidth, you face issues such as data packet loss, jitter, DNS resolution time, etc. Fortunately, you have a chance to get rid of these problems by choosing the right primary and secondary DNS servers for your PS4 or PS5.

Indeed, manually finding the best DNS servers for PS4 or PS5 can be quite difficult. That’s why we’ve found some of the best DNS servers for gaming, especially for PS4 and PS5.

Top DNS Servers for PS4 and PS5

7. DNS Gaming: Cloudflare DNS

Second on the list is Cloudflare DNS, which has coverage spanning 250 cities around the world.

Cloudflare is used by 10% of websites as a reverse proxy for protection against attacks on web servers and also provides additional load capacity.

It comes with several features that make it a good choice as a DNS server for games, including:

  • Integrated DNSSEC that protects users against DNS spoofing, preventing record hijacking.
  • an average DNS consultation speed of 11 mg, one of the best in the world.
  • Optional WARP application that creates a secure connection over your standard network tunnel for additional security.

The company also provides general support 24 hours a day, 24 days a week, 7 days a year for any problem with its servers or any troubleshooting of any kind.

  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:

8. opennic

Next on the list is “OpenNic” and like many other DNS servers OpenNic is the best alternative to your default DNS server.

However, the best part is that it will protect your laptop / pc from attackers and even the government. It therefore maintains your privacy at a very high level.

So if you want to use it, set your preferred and alternate DNS servers as follows:

  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:

9. Comodo Secure DNS

The Comodo Group is one of the major players in the field of network security. The company uses some of the best security products and DNS service is one of them. As the name suggests, the Comodo Secure DNS primarily focuses on security.

It uses ad blocks and even blocks phishing websites with ease. DNS will also alert you to malware and viruses if you try to visit a site containing the,. There is also a shield service in this DNS which adds additional security features. The service uses smart AI-powered features to really keep security intact. 

  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:

10. Level 3

Level 3 is the company that provides many Internet service providers with their connection to the Internet backbone, making it a huge, reliable and secure business. There is no filtering with Level 3, just like Google DNS, so it is mostly used for its performance and reliability.

Depending on your location in the world, any of the public DNS servers I mention here could be the fastest, which is why it is necessary to read the link above to find the fastest DNS server for your connection. .

  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:

11. DNS. watch

Last but not least “DNS.watch” is the free DNS service on the list. It offers an uncensored, fast and stable web browsing experience for free.

To use it, you must define your preferred and alternative DNS servers:

  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:

Other free DNS servers to try

Now these are some other alternative servers that we can also try, although the most recommended are the ten mentioned earlier:

  • Verisign – and
  • WATCH – and
  • GreenTeamDNS – and
  • SafeDNS – and
  • SmartViper – and
  • FreeDNS – and
  • Alternative DNS – and
  • DNS – and
  • Hurricane Electric –
  • puntCAT –
  • Neustar – and
  • Fourth Estate –
  • UltraDNS –,
  • UltraDNS family – and

Finally, the main difference between a primary DNS server and a secondary DNS server is that the second is primarily for administrative purposes. The primary DNS server contains the DNS information of a DNS zone in the zone file (“Zone File”).

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