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R6tracker – Top Rainbow Six R6 Tracker: The new generation of consoles has been on the market for months now, and in addition to the new features we are seeing some older games being improved especially for these machines. Rainbow Six: Siege recently received this facelift and now looks better than ever.

One of the most used tools with this game is the R6 tracker which reveals your updated MMR instantly after each round, and counts down to your next promotion!

In this article, we will focus on R6 Tracker to help you understand how it works and the things to know to use it perfectly during your R6 games!

R6tracker what is it?

R6 Track allows you to determine the ranking of your opponents and compare your teams.

The R6 tracker reveals your updated MMR after each round, and counts down to your next promotion.

In addition, Tracker Network which offers the R6tracker is a safe brand. He follows over 100 million players of the best competitive games and is in touch with game developers and publishers.

R6Tracker - Global MMR Leaderboards for North Star in Global
R6Tracker – Global MMR Leaderboards for North Star in Global

Rainbow 6 Tracker – Rainbow 6 Stats and Leaderboards Tracker lets you Find top R6 Pros and Streamers, and try to match them on R6 Leaderboards!

The R6 tracker offers the statistics of R6 on Xbox, Playstation and Uplay / steam! Indeed they follow all the available R6 statistics, You can leave your page open for an automatic refresh and capture the history of R6 matches.

So you can keep track of all your Rainbow 6 season stats and world rankings. The R6 Track offers the largest number of R6 players than any other tracking site.

In order to prevent the welcome screen of the R6 Tracker application from appearing when you press the alt + tab key, you can press the button “X” screen, then choose the option ” Close the window (This will not affect the game window, which will remain open and active).

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What is my R6 MMR?

Rainbow Six Siege awards players a tiered rank when they compete against each other in its ranked multiplayer play list, determined by a skill-based rating system.

Using an advanced algorithm, the game compiles your wins and losses in the play list and assigns you a numerical skill level known as a matchmaking rating (MMR).

What changes my rank in Rainbow Six Siege and R6 Tracker?

MMR and the resulting rank are calculated exclusively based on wins and losses. Ubisoft’s tactical shooter encourages team play in its five-on-five modes, which lessens the impact of personal stats. Death rate, match score, and instant gameplay do not affect your rank.

R6 Tracker - Rainbow Six Siege
R6 Tracker – Rainbow Six Siege

Keep in mind that the ranks awarded are relative and determined by performance against other players in the game. The overall effect on RRM fluctuates depending on the players involved and the general skill of the opponents. Losing a match against high level players has less impact on VMR than losing against lower level players.

Increases RMM:

  • Match won
  • Cheater identified in losing match

Decreases RMM:

  • Loss of match
  • Early departure
  • Idle kicked
  • Vote rejected
  • Cheater identified in the winning match (Cheat)

Leaving a match too early will also impact your MMR and rank. Leaving the game in the middle of the game, resting until time is up, or getting kicked all count as a loss, even if your team continues to win.

The only exception is server crashes and DDoS attacks, which Ubisoft now clears from ratings if detected.

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Rainbow Six Siege Ranks and MMRs List

Rainbow Six Siege features 23 individual ranks spread across seven slices in 2019, the most recently expanded via the Champions level with Operation Ember Rise. The game adopts an item-themed system, with each rank associated with an MMR threshold, outlining a transparent progression path.

The entry-level game opens with the rank of Copper, followed by the ranks of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, each with three to five sub-tiers. The Diamond represents the elite of Rainbow Six, while the Champions bring together the best talent in the world over 5 MMR, with a minimum of 000 matches. The Champions are distinguished by personal ranking numbers for the top 100, crowning the most MMRs as the world number one.

Below is a summary of the Rainbow Six Siege and associated MMR ranks:

  1. Copper V (1,100)
  2. Copper IV (1,200)
  3. Copper III (1,300)
  4. Copper II (1,400)
  5. Copper I (1,500)
  6. Bronze V (1,600)
  7. Bronze IV (1,700)
  8. Bronze III (1,800)
  9. Bronze II (1,900)
  10. Bronze I (2,000)
  11. Silver V (2,100)
  12. Silver IV (2,200)
  13. Silver III (2,300)
  14. Silver II (2,400)
  15. Silver I (2,500)
  16. Gold III (2,600)
  17. Gold II (2,800)
  18. Gold I (3,000)
  19. Platinum III (3,200)
  20. Platinum II (3,600)
  21. Platinum I (4,000)
  22. diamond (4,400)
  23. Champions (5,000+)

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