15 Best Free Direct Download Sites (2022 Edition)


Top Free Direct Download Sites: Less complicated to understand than the torrents, less restrictive (registration with a tracker, respect of the ratio, etc.) and less dangerous, the direct download (DL) is still one of the favorite solutions of the French.

Indeed the best free ddl download sites offer direct download links for series, films, music, video games and other digital content. The interface of its sites is generally simple, allowing easy navigation in the different categories and access to the list of the latest available content.

In this article, Reviews shows you the complete list of Best Free Direct Download Sites in 2022, what are the forces involved, the novelties and all its little secrets.

Top: 10 Best Free Direct Download Sites (2022 Edition)

The world of direct download (often abbreviated as DDL) changes faster than that of P2P. The latter is largely decentralized, which prevents the slightest action by rights holders: it is not easy to have a software or a protocol banned.

The world of direct download (DDL) is changing faster than that of P2P. This money is largely decentralized which prevents the slightest action by rights holders: not easy to ban a software or a protocol.

DDL - What Are Best Free Direct Download Sites?
DDL – What Are Best Free Direct Download Sites?

On the contrary. The centralized side of DDL (files stored on servers) forces the actors to change… or to die like MegaUpload. The method does not change, but the location of the files does.

And although unions often clean up and sue those who want to take the path of MegaUpload, it is difficult to stem this method of downloading.

Unlike P2P where aficionados are tracked down by HADOPI, downloaders are quiet with DDL (the “standard” HTTP protocol used here goes unnoticed) while it is the platforms that are the target of rights holders. But how does it work?

As it uses HTTP protocol, direct download leaves no trace

Le direct download (DDL) is organized like this: it will be necessary, first of all, find an entry point to find the direct links to the files. This entry point is usually an SEO site or download directory, blog, or forum. Some will ask you to subscribe and some will not. Their common point is to list and sort Links that redirect to multimedia files.

Previously 80% of direct download files were hosted on the MegaUpload site. But these are now stored elsewhere, spread over the servers of many hosts: 1 Uploaded file, RapidGator, Zippyshare and dozens of others. But the war continues: Openload, for example, suffered the wrath of the MPAA last year.

This multiplication of hosts also allows uploaders not to put their eggs in the same basket.

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Indeed, direct downloading is the main asset for the success of several sites, namely the popular Download Zone. This download mode allows you to download without going through other software.

Indeed, it is supported by your web browser. The direct download mode is the most popular but also the most used currently. There are also other modes for downloading movies and series, mp3.

List of top best free direct download sites

As we speak, a large number of Internet users are trying to get their hands on the best Direct Download Site, let us remember that like the sites of streaming movies or the sites of live football, these DDL download websites are continually being closed and removed.

At the time of writing, all of the websites listed below are working and can be used.

Great DDL sites are hard to find, although there are literally thousands of horrible ones and it is common for great websites to disappear virtually overnight. The worst part is that a lot of these untested sites are actually dangerous to use.

By the way, the top 5 direct download sites for 2021 are Download Zone, Tirexo, LibertyVF, WawaCity and the former Emule Island.

We let you discover the list of the top best Free Direct Download sites in 2022:

  1. Tirexo : A great destination for finding films, series, documentaries and animes. Tirexo has the merit of including direct download links, but also stream and torrent links. The site is very well designed with few ads, different categories (HD, Top 20, etc.) and even tutorials to help beginners a bit.
  2. Download Zone (Directory Zone) : On Download Zone (Directory Zone), it is not difficult to know how to download a free movie or other content. This free download site offers links to download series, movies, TV shows, music, ebooks or games. Online for years, Download Zone is one of the best Free Direct Download Sites on our list.
  3. Libertyvf : Another very good site where you can choose between VF and VOSTFR for DDL downloading of films and series. You will also find links for Torrent Streaming and Downloading. LibertyVF (formerly LibertyLand) also offers books ebooks and games.
  4. wawacity : Wawa city is a reference site because it offers download links and the possibility of streaming. Apart from movies and series, the platform offered games, music, software, animes, books and much more.
  5. iDDL : A very good site which offers free direct downloads. WawaCity offers videos, video games, movies, music, animes, series and even software.
  6. Extreme Download : Since the recent Zone-Download difficulties, Extreme Download has gained ground. Like its counterpart, it offers many search filters and new things arrive very quickly. This site adds a musical selection compared to the cadors in the middle which is very nice in the end.
  7. Zone-Mania : Zone Mania presents itself as one of the best direct download and free streaming sites in French. There is indeed a plethora of offers, not only films but also series with 1fichier, Uptobox, Uploaded, etc. links.
  8. Directory-download : An interesting clone of Zone Directory (Formerly Zone-Downloads). Download Directory is currently the main reference for direct downloading (DDL).
  9. Zone-down.com: Just like its great rival Zone-Telechargement, this site obviously offers the downloading of films and series, but also shows and shows.
  10. DDLvalley.me: Another reference DDL download site, although it is in English DDLvalley offers movies, series, software, training and more with Rapidgator, Uploaded, Go4up and turbobit links.
  11. Tirexo.io: Another Tirexo clone that offers free direct downloads of movies, series, music, software, books and even documentaries.
  12. Appnee.com: Direct and free download of applications and software for Windows, Mac and Android.
  13. Filecr.com: One of the biggest free Warez sites, it offers Training, software and mobile applications in DDL and without registration. This site also offers applications for Windows and MacOS.
  14. GetIntoPC
  15. Wawacity.bz
  16. Filmtelecharger.net
  17. Igg-games.com: The best site to download DDL live video games
  18. Fitgirl-Repacks : Another free DDL Video Game and DLC Download site that deserves its place on our list.
  19. 9divx.org
  20. Downloadz.net
  21. Zone-ebook.com
  22. Download-z.me
  23. Vostfree (anime)

The list is updated weekly to add direct download sites

Writing Reviews

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The limits of DDL download

The problem with file hosts is that they don’t live on love and fresh water. Servers have to be paid for and they are ready to do anything to get you out of the pocket.

Indeed the limitations of free users are indeed numerous and depend on the hosts. Often the file size will be limited to even 1 or 1.4 GB and you will not be able to do more than one direct download at the same time.

You will also have to wait so many seconds before you can click on the download link and you will not have access to DDL.

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These links direct to the coveted file, without capatcha and allow you to place the link directly in a download software so as not to manage them in your browser. These are various schemes intended to entice users to register or pay.

But some software like JDownloader or Internet Download Manager (IDM) allow to thwart these methods. Of course, you will remain a free user with all the limitations, but you will not need to click 5 times on a particular page, undergo ten advertisements to finally have the coveted link.

These software will do the work for you, you just have to paste the URL of the page containing the links and they will take care of fetching the file directly, as if you had a DDL / hotlink.

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