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The Voplav Streaming Site formerly known as Bambip is a site that offers free streaming movies without paying and without registration, very popular in France and Europe and much appreciated by French-speaking Canada. The old streaming site had to close its doors and is being renewed by taking the name of Voplav. We tell you everything you need to know about this new site before accessing it + the Best sites like Voplav.

Users of Bambip website have probably found that the latter recently shut down for obvious reasons related to the streaming of illegal content. The old site now redirects to a new site called Voplav.

It is obvious that watching movies and series in streaming has become the most effective way to pass the time. Indeed, streaming allows you to watch movies, series and anime online for free and unlimited thanks to an Internet connection. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of free streaming sites equivalent to Voplav, offering vintage cinema to the most popular recent films and shows today.

In this article, we share with you the guide of Voplav and the complete list of the Best Sites like Voplav to watch Free Streaming Movies.

List: Best Sites Like Voplav to Watch Free Streaming (2022 Edition)

Streaming allows you to stream video and audio files. Indeed, today, broadcasting is very popular, whether it is to watch movies, series or shows, listen to music, watch videos or follow a football match live.

Series and movie lovers can turn to online broadcasting and streaming to access their favorite content. With streaming, you no longer have to worry about missing your favorite TV shows and movies.

Voplav: An Unlimited HD Streaming Site

Reference in terms of HD Streaming, Voplav is the site that meets the requirements most sought after by Internet users: streaming without advertising and without registration.

voplav is one of the few streaming sites offered the most popular movies, series and anime for free in HD and especially unlimited.

The Voplav Streaming Site formerly known as Bambip
Best site like Voplav : watch movies and series in streaming for free and without registration

Voplav is a site that offers you films and documentaries of all genres. You will find the latest movies on voplav.com. A film recommendation function is available from the home page.

The interface is very simple and it is really easy for a user to find a

times in the sites. When you just enter the site, you can view the movies recently added to the platform, trilogies, trending movies from the homepage of the site. As soon as you have found a film that interests you, all you have to do is click and go directly to the film’s file, there you will find the cover, a short synopsis, the video player (click on the player if you want to start watch the movie) and below the player you can leave a comment if you are disappointed or satisfied.

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What is Voplav’s official address?

To help you access the new Voplav address or its copies that offer real Movies streaming content, we’ve compiled the following list:

Bambip becomes Voplav https://voplav.com/ 

The Voplav Streaming Site formerly known as Bambip
Bambip becomes Voplav

By going to the old Bambip site, we see that the site becomes Voplav and that the overall identity of the site now changes, even if the concept remains the same.

Of course, streaming sites like Voplav are completely illegal since they distribute copyrighted works without owning them.

The films, series and documentaries that are offered for free on Voplav are produced by producers who strive to fight against these illegal practices considered as piracy.

Use a VPN app to access Voplav

Like all popular sites of streamingg illegal, the site Voplav is constantly monitored by the authorities (ARCOM). By visiting the site from France and the rest of Europe, your IP address is exposed as well as your personal data (surname, first name, address, telephone, credit card number, e-mail address and …) may be retrieved on request from Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

This streaming site does not have the right to stream content as it does not buy any copyrights, since it offers this content for free, beware before accessing it.

Indeed, in order to hide your personal data and remain anonymous on the internet, it is important touse a VPN of good quality, so that internet service providers have no information about your internet activity in real time. Consequently, it will be impossible for an ISP to find your Internet browsing history and moreover the VPN allows you to fight against censorship in case the site no longer works in France. By using a VPN, you guarantee that your personal data will be protected and you will be able to unblock access to any site blocked by DNS in France.

Which alternative streaming site to Voplav?

Are you tired of looking for new streaming sites to replace voplav? Then you have come to the right place because here is a great list of streaming sites like Voplav.

Although there are many streaming sites on the Internet, we can count on the fingertips the sites that can guarantee you good video quality, an intuitive design and an easy-to-navigate platform. Here is the list that we have proposed to you and which you will undoubtedly like.

  1. Galtro : galtro  is a free streaming site without registration created in March 2018. Galtro is a website dedicated to streaming movies and series in HD quality without creating an account.
  2. Itzor.com (change name to become bovmi): Itzor is a streaming site that offers movies, shows, documentaries and series in streaming completely free and without registration. In 2021, this itzor changes its name to become fazdor.com.
  3. Moviestreaming1 : Another site to replace Voplav is Filmstreaming1. This free streaming site without registration offers more than 100 films available in vo and vostfr.
  4. Wiflix : is your best choice of French streaming site for films and complete series in VF and VOSTFR in HD. Watch Streaming Movies and Series for free without creating an account.
  5. Extrabb : It’s a very recent website which contains a vast catalog of films in French. Extrabb is very similar to Galtro in terms of design and operation, when you access this website you will find many movies that you can watch streaming if you have to create an account.
  6. Cpassmieux : this site offers you to watch the most recent seasons of your favorite series. You have the option of choosing the reader to the right of each title, but avoid the VIP reader.
  7. Tirexo : Tirexo is a download and streaming platform. This is one of the best sites in existence for many, many years.
  8. Quedustream : Quedustreaming is a free streaming site to watch movies, series and in full without ads and in French vf with subtitles.
  9. yapeol
  10. K Streaming
  11. poblom (formerly okvop.com)
  12. Stream for you
  13. Time2watch
  14. Radego
  15. Papystreaming

There you have it, we finish our list of the best sites like Voplav in 2022. If you have heard of any other great Voplav alternative streaming sites, please tell us about them in the comment section!

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