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When the first volume of the fourth season of stranger things, Netflix was responsible for filling certain cities in Mexico with facilities, escape rooms and life-size characters inspired by the series (like the Demogorgon that was stolen from an Oxxo in Monterrey). Indeed, the company dedicated to diffusion held the so-called Stranger Fest, an event to celebrate the arrival of the fourth season for almost a month that sold out all its tickets in advance and excited fans of the series that pays tribute to cinema from the 80s.


Among so many events and shared emotions, posters that heralded an epic in-ring encounter may have gone unnoticed, but the truth is, they started circulating on social media since early June. With an aesthetic worthy of the 60s and 70s, when the Mexican wrestler, The Saintstarred in several films already considered cult (like saint against zombies [1961], Saint in the wax museum [1963] Yes Santo versus Guanajuato Mummies [1972]), the posters promoted a supposed duel between the iconic fighter and the monster that terrorized the town of Hawkins in all four seasons of stranger things.

Although initially it was wondered if the fight between the two characters would actually take place or would only remain on the posters, the video showing the meeting is already circulating on social networks and has in fact been shared on the social networks of the son of the saintwho plays his father in the spot with the following caption: “For years this fight was classified top secret, today it comes back to you thanks to Flamin’ Hot: Demogorgon vs. El Santo. Download Joy App, watch the full fight and Enter to win exclusive prizes.

The tale in all its expression

The commercial that shows the duel between the Son of the Saint and the Demogorgon was produced by the production company “Rebolución” for the line Flamin’ Hot by Sabritas and it’s a clear example of how storytelling can be effectively integrated into advertising. Author LaQuita Cleare comments in her article Secrets of Hollywood Storytelling That Will Make You a More Inspirational Leader“The power of stories can help you connect, motivate, inspire and persuade. We humans have been wired for stories. We have an instinct, it seems, for stories. This theory has actually been supported by science. Modern scientific research has concluded that the human mind is a story processor, not a logical processor. »

If you’re looking to make your brand remembered by telling a story that excites and captivates (like the fight between the Saint and the Demogorgon does), think about how you can tell a story to your target market.

Here you can see the full battle between the two mythical figures:

Volume 2 of the fourth season of Stranger Things will be released on Netflix on July 1st.

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