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If there is a language which is unanimous in the monde whole in terms of beauty, itis good the French.

What is the most difficult language for a French to learn? Hungarian is the language European la more difficult to learn because his vocabulary is without any kinship with the languages Indo-European. VS’is a language Latin, but it has 35 verbal endings compared to 6 in French. Its 42-letter alphabet has 12 vowels.

What is the most sensual language?

Cultivate a French accent or use a few words from the language by Molière to talk about love are also effective. A survey by the Babbel app confirms this plebiscite. For those who did not yet know, French is the most sexy of the world. A Babbel investigation confirms this.

What is the most romantic language in the world?

French, most romantic language in the world.

What is the most poetic language?

Arabic is a poetic language

Before Islam, the Arabs were already great lovers of poetry. The philologists and grammarians of the languages Semitics (Aramaic, Arabic, Hebrew) brought to light a breathtaking literary production of Islamic civilization.

What language to learn for a French?

1: Italian

Without a doubt, Italian is the language the easiest for
a francophone. It is very familiar to us and largely intelligible both written and oral with little learning. Just be careful not to let this transparency fool you into thinking you can.apprendre effortlessly.

What is the most spoken language in the world in 2021?

Besides, do you know what are the 10 languages the most spoken in the world in 2021 ? No ? Here is the answer with their number of speakers: English (1,348 billion)

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Which language to learn in 2021?

What are the five languages à learn in 2021 in company ?

  • Learn English, the basis in the entrepreneurial world. …
  • Mandarin: more useful than ever in business! …
  • Japanese: the language from the land of the rising sun. …
  • Spanish, a language important in certain commercial sectors.

Why do the English like the French accent?

Why do we have a French accent when we talk English ? This French accent that follows us as our shadow comes mainly from the complexity we experience in pronouncing the words English. Indeed, in the language French, there are 32 different sounds for 250 different ways to write them.

What is the English accent?

When we learn theEnglish British, we actually learn theemphasis of London, also called “BBC English”, or RP English (Received Pronunciation). VS’is the accent standard, which you will hear on radio, television. We usually pronounce all the letters, and we articulate well.

What is the international language in the world?

If English was able to hold the first position, itis above all because itis the language that is used the most in academia and also in the monde Business. She is spoken in 94 countries by 339 million native speakers.

Why is French a romantic language?

The wealth of French language so popular around the world is largely linked to the richness of its culture. … The music French is also very popular for her famous love songs, with internationally iconic artists such as Édith Piaf and Jacques Brel.

What are the 5 most spoken languages ​​in the world?

The most spoken languages au monde And those who are in danger

  • English (1,348 billion)
  • Mandarin (1,120 billion)
  • Hindi (600 million)
  • Spanish (543 million)
  • Arabic (247 million)
  • Bengali (268 million)
  • French (267 million)
  • Russian (258 million)
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What are the most powerful languages ​​in the world?

French ahead of Spanish

Unsurprisingly, English stands out as the language la most powerful in the world, ahead of Mandarin and French. The language of Shakespeare has a strong legacy of the British Empire, and it is the language principal of three of the G7 countries: the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

What is the most logical language?

The form “lojban. “Therefore specifically designates” the ” logical language par excellence, as opposed to “a” logical language, which could be said lojbau in lojban.

Which language uses the most words?

Top 10 languages who count the more words , at least you are spoiled for choice

  • Korean. With 1, the Korean dictionary is therefore the plus thick of the world. …
  • The Turkish. 616 767 mots for Turkish. …
  • The Swedish. …
  • The Icelandic. …
  • Japanese. …
  • Lithuanian. …
  • The Norwegian. …
  • Dutch.

What is the language of the future?

Which languages Foreign learn to are avenir professional?

  • English still number 1 among languages foreigners.
  • German and Spanish for
    exchange with our neighbors.
  • Chinese takes de more and more de instead.
  • And the others languages ?

What are the 10 easiest languages ​​to learn?

Top 9 easiest languages (or almost) to apprendre , to become multilingual without forcing

  • The English. …
  • Spanish. …
  • Italian. …
  • The Afrikaans. …
  • Swahili. …
  • Portuguese. …
  • Quechua. …
  • Esperanto.

What are the most useful languages?

Which languages ​​are the most important to master in 2019 …

  • English: language universal par excellence.
  • Portuguese: the language emerging superpowers.
  • Spanish: language la plus widespread.
  • Chinese (Mandarin): language la plus spoken to the world.
  • German: the language European business.
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Which lv2 to choose?

In general, it is necessary to choose between English, German, Spanish and Italian. Note that if your child has chosen to learn German as a first living language, he or she must learn English as a living language 2.

Which LV3 to choose?

I hesitate today to to choose Spanish and Arabic in LV3 in Master. – Spanish would be a reasoned choice, the opportunities that Latin America will offer are certain, and this language also has the advantage of being easier to learn for a French speaker. – Arabic would be the heart’s choice.

Why do internationals love our French accent so much?

Our language is melodic

Emer Corrigan, language specialist at Babbel, observes that French, “The syllables are accentuated and soft. The sounds are easy to listen to. Molière’s language therefore sounds like a melody to the ears of foreigners. That’s why foreigners like it so».

Why do foreigners love the French language?

If for us French is flat compared to Italian or Spanish, for foreign it’s a language very melodious. … A luxury that Italian does not offer, for example. This asset therefore makes French singing, melodious, pleasant to listen to but also sensual!

Why do French people have a bad English accent?

“The French, Romance language, andEnglish are two languages ​​more distant in terms of syntax,emphasis and rhythm, so the French have more difficult to learn it because they try to copy phonetically and linguistically what they know ”, explains Sophie Herment, professor of phonetics and…

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