10 Best Harry Potter Original and Crossover Fanfiction (2023 Edition)


If you’re a Harry Potter fan, then you’re certainly familiar with one of the greatest literary phenomena of recent years: fanfiction. But what are the best Harry Potter fanfiction stories? What are the most popular Harry Potter fanfics? Does JK Rowling support fanfiction? And what is the longest running fanfiction of all time? 

This article will help you find answers to these questions and introduce you to the top 25 original and crossover Harry Potter fanfiction for the year 2023. Here you will find a complete and detailed list of the most popular fanfiction that you are passionate about. So, ready to discover the best Harry Potter fanfics? Let’s go.

What is fanfiction and why?

Fanfiction is a literary genre that spread in the 70s. It is an English term that designates fictions written by fans who wish to extend a work that they appreciate. Fanfiction is inspired not only by books, but also by movies, TV series, manga, and video games.

One of the most popular fanfiction is Harry Potter., a series of books and films about a young wizard who must face the forces of evil. Harry Potter fans have written thousands of fanfictions about their favorite hero, and the number keeps growing. Harry Potter fanfics have become so popular that they have even been published as books.

Fanfictions are exciting and allow readers to discover new stories, unexpected characters and different endings. They offer readers a new way to enjoy their favorite works and re-read them from a new angle. Furthermore, fanfiction allows authors to express themselves freely and share their ideas and points of view with other fans.

Reading fanfiction can be a very rewarding and interesting experience.. There can be surprises, emotional moments and moments of laughter. It’s a great way to spend time and explore imaginary worlds. Fanfiction is also a great opportunity for authors to develop their writing skills and share their ideas with the world.

Top 10 Best Harry Potter Original and Crossover Fanfiction

I have loved reading Harry Potter since I was 10 years old. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is the first book I read. And since then, every year or every 2 years, I tell this wonderful story. However I needed more, myself I sometimes imagined what our heroes could have become after the end of the books or simply if the story had been a little different. That’s why I quickly started reading fanfiction.

Check out the best original Harry Potter fanfiction and crossovers for fans of the Harry Potter saga. Fanfictions are stories written by fans in which characters and events from the Harry Potter universe are taken up and adapted. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just new to Harry Potter, there’s a type of fanfiction for everyone.

For fans who want to explore the Harry Potter universe and characters in more depth, the canonical fanfiction are a good starting point. These fanfics are inspired by the characters and events of the original book and offer a new perspective on the characters and the plot. Canonical fanfiction is often more in-depth and offers a new perspective on characters and plot.

Top Harry Potter fanfiction - types and categories
Top Harry Potter Fanfiction – Types and Categories

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If you’re looking for an alternate universe to explore, the universal fanfiction are made for you. These fanfics offer a new perspective on the characters and plot, but take place in a completely different setting and universe. Universal fanfiction is generally more creative and exploratory, and can give readers a completely different reading experience.

Fans who want to explore events that happened before the original books can choose the pre-canonical fanfiction. These fanfics offer an explanation of events that happened before the original book and can offer a new perspective on the characters and plot. Pre-canonical fanfiction is often more detailed and can offer readers a deeper understanding of the characters and plot.

Fans who want to explore events that happened after the original books can choose the post-canonical fanfiction. These fanfics offer an explanation of events that happened after the original book and can offer a new perspective on the characters and plot. Post-canonical fanfiction is often more detailed and can offer readers a deeper understanding of characters and plot.

Finally, for fans who wish to explore mixed universes, the crossover fanfiction are made for you. These fanfics intertwine characters and events from multiple works and provide a new perspective on the characters and plot. Crossover fanfiction is often more creative and exploratory and can give readers a completely different reading experience.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just new to Harry Potter, Harry Potter fanfiction offers readers a variety of different styles and genres to explore. So whatever your preference, there’s a type of fanfiction for you. Discover our ranking of the best Harry Potter Fanfiction by genre.

The 10 Best Original Harry Potter Fanfiction

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

Petunia married a biochemist, and Harry grew up reading science and science fiction. Then came the letter from Hogwarts, and a world of intriguing new possibilities to explore. And new friends, like Hermione Granger, Professor McGonagall and Professor Quirrell… SOLD OUT.

Rated: T – English – Drama/Humor – Chapters: 122 – Words: 661 – Reviews: 619

Harry Potter and Future’s Past

The story begins the day after the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry and Hermione meet the goddess of love, who offers them to go back in time. Strictly Harry and Hermione. A bit of Ginny, Ron and Dumbledore, but maybe a lot. Soul Link – Time Travel

Rated: T – English – Romance – Chapters: 42 – Words: 330 – Reviews: 123

Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin

Harry Potter was sorted into Slytherin after a difficult childhood. His brother Jim is considered the BWL. Think you know this story? Think again. The fourth year begins on 9/1/20. NO romantic couples before fourth grade. In principle, Dumbledore and Weasleys are good. Few criticisms (mainly against James).

Rated: T – English – Adventure/Mystery – Chapters: 160 – Words: 1,373,434 – Reviews: 18876

Harry Potter: Junior Inquisitor

Before the start of the fifth year, Dumbledore changes plans. Unfortunately, he didn’t bother to let Harry know. During his trial, Harry realizes that it is up to him to save his skin. To do that, he has to bring out his Slytherin side, and once he does, he sticks around, turning life upside down at Hogwarts. 

Rated: T – English – Adventure/Drama – Chapters: 37 – Words: 218 – Reviews: 697

Harry Crow

What will happen when a Harry raised by goblins arrives at Hogwarts. A Harry who has been trained, who already knows the prophecy and has no scars. With the support of the Goblin Nation and Hogwarts itself. Complete.

Rated: T – English – Chapters: 106 – Words: 737 – Reviews: 006

His Own Man

In the station between life and death, Harry makes a different choice. Now he’s eleven again, nothing is going the way it used to, and people are starting to ask questions, especially the Evil Ones, the Hogwarts teachers, and, even more disturbingly, Crazy Moody. Harry is starting to think that he might not be up to this Master of Death business and all that comes with it.

Rated: T – English – Adventure/Friendship – Chapters: 31 – Words: 147 – Reviews: 481

On a Pale Horse

TO. When Dumbledore tried to summon an otherworldly hero to fix the Dark Lord’s problem, that probably wasn’t what he had in mind. MoD Harry, Godlike Harry, Unhinged Harry. Dumbledore bashing. DISCONTINUED.

Rated: T – English – Humor/Adventure – Chapters: 25 – Words: 69 – Reviews: 349

To Shape and Change

TO. Time travel. Snape goes back in time knowing what awaits him if he fails. No longer holding a grudge, he seeks to make Harry the greatest wizard of all time, beginning with the day Hagrid took Harry to Diagon Alley. No Horcruxes.

Rated: T – English – Adventure – Chapters: 34 – Words: 232 – Reviews: 332

No competition

What if the horcrux in Harry’s scar hadn’t been contained by the blood guards as Dumbledore had expected. Instead of distorting Harry’s personality, it darkened his aura. And the dark creatures of the magic world really liked this aura. Gosh. It sucks to be a Dark Lord trying to make a comeback. VERY AU. Just for fun.

Rated: T – English – Humor – Chapters: 9 – Words: 69 – Reviews: 157


Magic can solve all problems in the wizarding world. What is that ? A prophecy that insists on a person? Things don’t go the way you want? I know, let’s use this ritual to summon another one! It’s going to be awesome ! – An 18-year-old Harry is called in to deal with a Dark Lord problem in another dimension. It displeases him. EWE – AT BPH

Rated: T – English – Drama/Adventure – Chapters: 21 – Words: 159 – Reviews: 580

Top 10 Harry Potter Fanfiction in French


Dumbledore chooses the wrong one and appoints Evan instead of Harry, his twin… The Potters abandon Harry to the Dursley but this one will never reach them… He will rather cross the road of the Snapes.

Rated: T – French – Romance/Humor – Chapters: 61 – Words: 244,888 – Reviews: 3806


What happens when a Harry raised as a goblin arrives at Hogwarts. A Harry who has been training for years, already knows the prophecy and has no scars. A Harry with the support of the goblins and Hogwarts itself…

Rated: T – French – Adventure/Romance – Chapters: 63 – Words: 437 – Reviews: 210

Harry Potter, or the story of the forgotten boy

On October 31, Harry Potter defeated the Dark Lord, but Dumbledore mistakenly decreed that his little brother, Matthew Potter, was the true chosen one. Following this misunderstanding, his life will be greatly modified, and the one who should have been the boy crowned with glory became the one no one cared about. Grey:Harry; James/Weasley/Dumbledore: Bashing; Good/Lily!

Rated: T – French – Adventure/Romance – Chapters: 100 – Words: 891 – Reviews: 930

dark elf love

Charles and Harry. The Potter twins. Charlus is the hero of the wizarding world, but is that really the case? Come discover the life of his twin brother and his soul mate, Severus Snape. Attention story that has very little to do with the books. Come take a look.

Rated: K+ – French – Romance/Drama – Chapters: 63 – Words: 176 – Reviews: 715 


Harry receives a very special gift for his 16th birthday, which proves very useful when things go wrong at Privet Drive that summer. But when he finds refuge with Snape, things start to get complicated…A fic guardian Snape and Harry

Rated: T – French – Angst – Chapters: 62 – Words: 595,889 – Reviews: 2278 

Harry Black

Voldemort’s attack transformed the Potter family. Liam became the savior of the magical world as his twin, Harry, was saved from his uncle by Bellatrix Lestrange. Raised in two very different families that everything separates, will the brothers manage to keep the bond that once united them? In short HP/LV at the very end, nothing graphic.

Rated: T – French – Adventure/Drama – Chapters: 37 – Words: 154 – Reviews: 943

The Eastern Empire

Harry Potter is a little wizard like the others, even if his dark magic seems powerful, until the day when his true identity is revealed. He is Alexander Black, missing son of Sirius Black. How could he fight on the side of the light when the latter took him away? Dark Harry, Dumbledore and co-manipulators. Slash Harry/Voldemort.

Rated: T – French – Chapters: 18 – Words: 119 – Reviews: 536

Alifair Blake and the Troubles of the Wizarding World

After Voldemort’s defeat by the Chosen One, Alifair Blake is among the heroes of the Wizarding War. However, it is not easy to be a Muggle in a magical world in the midst of reconstruction; not to mention that she has a supposedly dead depressive sorcerer as her boarder. But, with his nerve and outspokenness, Alifair doesn’t need a wand to gain respect!

Category: Other HP fics – Characters: Other character, Harry Potter, Narcissa Black, Original character (OC), Severus Snape – Genres: Friendship, Comedy/Humor

Family ties

When, after that infamous Halloween night, the evil Potter twin is named the Boy-Who-Lived, what will become of Harry? Between a power he doesn’t know exists, an ancient prophecy and a Severus Snape who raises him almost alone, it promises to be interesting. Translation of Family Bonds by XxDesertRosexX. (HET & Severus Guardian/Severitus).

Rated: T – French – Family/Adventure – Chapters: 56 – Words: 331,278 – Reviews: 1147

The Time of Betrayals

Harry was imprisoned at the end of his 5th year at Hogwarts. His innocence is proven about a year later, with the help of a mysterious figure who follows him as his shadow. A new year begins but nothing will ever be the same again…

Rated: T – French – Drama – Chapters: 13 – Words: 62,500 – Reviews: 810

Per Aspera Ad Astra T1: The Philosopher’s Stone

UA. Harry Potter was raised by the Dursleys… unlike his brother Godric, the Boy Who Lived, who had a golden childhood with his parents. him.

Rated: T – French – Adventure/Drama – Chapters: 14 – Words: 66 – Reviews: 808

harry potter crossover fanfic

Awaken Sleeper

For years, Harrison Potter lived in a mental hospital dreaming of magic, wizards and dark lords. Eventually, the dreamer must wake up. Its reality must be accepted as a fantasy. Although some things remain the same…

Crossover with The Dresden Files

Born In Fiendfyre

After Justin is killed by his hands, a 15-year-old Harry Dresden finds himself stranded in Britain, pursued by a vengeful auror, and forced to manage an education at Hogwarts on top of the bargain.

Crossover with: The Dresden Files.

The Butterfly Effect

What if, instead of Ron Weasley, Harry Potter had met someone else while studying at Hogwarts? Would this little detail change just a little detail or would it change everything?

Crossover with: Sherlock Holmes

Dark Phoenix

This camp is not for me. I have no place. A few years after Nico said that, some campers apparently agreed. Will Nico find a new home at Hogwarts or will he be rejected there too? Will he want to come back to Camp Half-Blood when they need him?

Crossover with: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Denarian Renegade

A seven-year-old boy, Harry, finds a blackened silver coin at a difficult time in his life.

Crossover with: The Dresden Files.

Happiness is a Broken Wand

Severus Snape longs for a peaceful new life in Middle-earth, but with a brutal war looming and a new Dark Lord stalking him, he’ll have to fight to get his wish. Magic and battles, familiars and friends. Slytherin cunning will always win. This story takes place towards the end of DH. Gen Fic.

Crossover with The Lord of the Rings.

The most popular HP fanfiction relationships (Pairings)

As indicated, Harry Potter Fanfiction is a literary genre that developed from the novels of JK Rowling and has been embraced by millions of fans around the world. There are many Harry Potter fanfics out there, covering a variety of topics and relationships. 

Among the most popular fanfictions according to the ranking AO3 (Archive of our own), there are stories about Hermione Granger and Harry Potter, Harry Potter and Tom Riddle, Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, James Potter and Lily Evans, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, and Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy.

Hermione Granger & Harry Potter are a very popular couple in the Harry Potter fanfiction community. The two friends are the main heroes of the series and their relationship is one of the most studied. The fanfics about them are usually stories of friendship and love, where they explore their feelings for each other and fight evil together.

Harry Potter & Tom Riddle is another popular relationship in Harry Potter fanfiction. Tom Riddle is the young Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter is the only one who can defeat him. Fanfiction offers stories in which Harry and Tom must face off and come to terms with each other, while exploring their past connections.

Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley are another very popular couple in Harry Potter fanfiction. The two characters fell in love with each other and their relationship is one of the most famous in the series. Fan fiction about them often depicts their romantic adventures and their challenges to stay together.

Hermione Granger & Draco Malfoy are another very popular couple in the Harry Potter fanfiction community. The two characters are longtime enemies, but fanfiction often explores their deeper relationships and feelings. The stories often address their rivalry and their ability to overcome their differences.

Hermione Granger & Ron Weasley are one of the most famous couples in the Harry Potter series. The two characters have been friends since childhood, and their relationship is one of the most complex in the series. Fanfiction often addresses their romantic relationship, their differences, and their ability to work through their differences.

James Potter & Lily Evans are the parents of Harry Potter and one of the series’ most famous couples. The two characters have a very special relationship, and fanfics about them often explore their past ties and their ability to overcome their differences.

Sirius Black & Remus Lupin are Harry Potter’s best friends and one of the series’ most popular couples. The two characters are very close and the fanfics about them often explore their friendship and their ability to overcome hardship.

Harry Potter & Draco Malfoy are arch-enemies on the show and one of the fanfiction community’s most popular couples. The two characters are very different, and fanfics about them often explore their differences and their ability to overcome their arguments.

Harry Potter fanfiction is a perfect way for fans of the series to explore their favorite characters and their relationships.

Does JK Rowling Support Fanfiction: An Analysis

Fans of Harry Potter and JK Rowling are all familiar with fanfiction. Fanfiction is a fan-made art form that takes characters and elements from the world of Harry Potter and expands it into original stories. Although fanfiction can be controversial, most fans agree that it’s a great way to keep the magic of Harry Potter alive. So, does JK Rowling support fanfiction?

The answer is yes ! JK Rowling was very clear that she’s not against fanfiction and she’s fine with fanfiction as long as you don’t make money from it. She also encouraged fans to keep writing fanfiction, but she insisted that they respect copyright by never posting their fanfiction or making money from it.

Dance an interview, JK Rowling also said she was happy for people to discover or hone their abilities by creating fanfiction. She said, “I’ve always been thrilled that people write fanfiction. It’s an amazing way to learn about writing and have fun. She also encouraged fans to be creative and not feel limited by the world of Harry Potter.

In conclusion, JK Rowling clearly supports fanfiction. She encouraged fans to pursue their passions and create original stories. However, she also insisted that her fans respect copyrights by never posting their fanfiction or making money from it.

The longest fanfiction of all time

For years, fanfiction has been a way for fans to express themselves and bring their own stories to life. Sometimes these stories are so elaborate that they become works of art in their own right. The longest running fanfiction in the English language is The Subspace Emissary’s Worlds Conquest, a 4,102,328 million word story based on the Nintendo Super Smash Bros. fighting game.

This fanfiction was written by an anonymous author and takes place in the world of Super Smash Bros. This is a world where characters from different video games fight for control of Subspace. The story takes place over several years and includes a large number of characters, places and scenarios.

One wonders what a 5 million word labor of love can tell us about the art form as a whole. First, it shows that fanfiction can be a very respected art form. Fans who create fanfiction do so out of love for the universe they explore. They can thus show creativity and imagination by telling stories that are directly inspired by the original worlds.

Second, it shows that fanfiction can be a great way to connect with other fans. The length of this particular fanfiction means that readers can relate to the characters and places featured in the story. This can lead to a greater understanding and appreciation for the original universe and its characters.

Finally, it shows that fanfiction can provide a rewarding and entertaining experience. The length of the story means there is enough content to keep readers interested and entertained for many hours. It can also encourage readers to think about deeper questions and explore their own creativity.

Ultimately, The Subspace Emissary’s Worlds Conquest is a standout example of what fanfiction can do. This 5 million word fanfiction is a labor of love that can serve as a template for anyone looking to create exciting and entertaining stories.

In conclusion, it’s easy to see why Harry Potter fanfiction is so popular. These creative and entertaining stories are the result of the love and efforts of thousands of talented fans and writers. Whether you are a Harry Potter fan or not, you will definitely be captivated by these fanfiction. This year’s top 10 Harry Potter original and crossover fanfics are a great way to start your journey into this magical world. So what are you waiting for? Find the fanfiction of your choice and dive into the world of Harry Potter!


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