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However, off screen, the actors and actresses of the Netflix series also have youthful romances in the image of their characters: we tell you who their current partners are.

Ana Valeria Becerril is a whole box of surprises. Besides winning the Ariel Award for Best Newcomer in 2018 and starring in “Control Z” since 2020, she also has a handsome boyfriend.

It is neither more nor less than the actor also Leo Deluglio. He is known for playing the young version of Alex Guzmán in the Netflix series “Who Killed Sara?” »

Since September 2021, they had been linked due to interactions they had on social media, such as “instastories” in which they tagged each other. In December of the same year, the actor confirmed the relationship from a loving post on Instagram in which he appeared with the protagonist of ‘Control Z’.

Yankel Stevan and Macarena Garcia

Raúl and Natalia from ‘Control Z’ are more than friends outside of fiction. And it is that the actors who play them, Yankel Stevan and Macarena García, are a couple in real life.

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They are about to complete three years together, during which they have been unafraid to go public with their relationship and show their love for each other in interviews and through their social media accounts. .

Michel Ronda of ‘Control Z’

Luis Curiel outside of “Control Z” doesn’t look much like the shy character he plays (who is also called Luis). And it is that he has been in a relationship with actress Valentina Buzzurro for more than four years, who is recognized, among other things, for having played Gemma in the soap operas ‘Overcome heartbreak’ and ‘Overcome the past’.

Felipe from ‘Control Z’ is played by actor Pierre Louis. While in the series his character has an affair with Gerry by Patricio Gallardo, in real life the actor also has a partner.

And it is that he has a sentimental relationship with the actress Paulette Hernández, who has participated in films such as ‘Grandma’s birthday’, ‘I wanted to find you’ and ‘Perdida’.

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