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🍿 2022-06-18 ​​01:46:11 – Paris/France.

This is what the portal looks like where you register for an event ticket (Photo / Strengtherfest.mx)

To celebrate the premiere of the fourth season of stranger things la MEXICO CITY receives strangers partywith activities from May 20 that will continue until July 3, 2022.

The festival allows you to walk through some of the storylines featured in the series set in the town of Hawkins, but in order to participate in some of the activities, you must obtain a ticket after registering, which must be activated at an Oxxo Store at Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.

Times will be assigned upon registration and the experience will be shared in groups of 100 people. The acquisition of the ticket will be free with prior registration.

The scenarios for which tickets could already be obtained are:

Oxo backwards: from May 19 to June 15 at Mexico City and Guadalajarafor
Monterey It is from May 21 to June 15.

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Villa: from May 20 to June 7.

stranger california: from June 4 to 19.

For now, the following scenario that can be enjoyed is:

Back to Hawkins: from June 18 to July 3.

What can we find about the event?

Some Oxxo stores will be the Upside down and will be open to the public a few minutes before the start of activities in three cities across the country:

Oxxo reverse CDMX located at Patriotismo 630, Nonoalco, Benito Juárez, CDMX.

Oxxo Guadalajara upside down located at Avenida Naciones Unidad 5420, Parque de la Castellana, Zapopan, Jalisco.

Oxxo upside down Monterrey located at Dr. Enrique C. Livas 701-A, Vista Hermosa, Monterrey, Nuevo León.

The event recreates scenarios that can be seen in the series and in some of them you have to solve puzzles or hang out on a skating rink and eat pizza (Photo/Strengerfest.mx)

To obtain a ticket, it is necessary to register on strangerfest.mx starting May 11 and a second registration date is May 19, but as tickets have been sold out, a few places are constantly opening, so be on the lookout.

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La Villa is set in the Roma neighborhood and is animated as one of the main sets in the series’ fourth season, it has three escape rooms in which you must discover the different clues to decipher the secret.

stranger california becomes an important place in the development of the story since unexpected situations occur there and new characters appear, the site has a roller skating rink, pizzas from Surfer boy pizza and snacks.

La Back to Hawkins It is an experience that allows you to travel Hawkin, place where the whole story begins and allows you to feel involved, in this particular house, as the protagonist raise.

Here’s what it looks like inside some of the interactive Stranger Fest locations (Picture: twitter/@ElRudyGeek)

During the fourth installment of stranger things the real villain who is behind the list of murders in Hawkins is revealed and as said character is related to the protagonist Eleven, this is where an important unknown arises, will we see a definitive battle between the famous young woman and the antagonist malicious? response to try to answer the riddle of the fans was the publication of some photos of the new cast that arrives to end the episode of the series.

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